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Peel Back the Layers: How to Recover from a Chemical Peel

By Tracy Evans MD
May 15, 2017
Chemical Peels San Francisco, CA | Corte Madera

The Jackson 5 said it themselves, “It’s as easy as 1,2,3,” but when it comes down to it, adding just another thing to your skincare routine can seem impossible. However, even though you take off your makeup before bed every night and cleanse twice a day, there are still other things you should be doing...  read more

Stretched to the Limit: How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

By Tracy Evans MD
April 15, 2017
Get Rid of Stretch Marks Corte Madera, CA | San Francisco

Whether you have just lost a lot of weight due to a weight loss journey you are on, or you just went through a pregnancy, you know just how frustrating it can be to have the perfect body with imperfect skin. As one of the worst parts about losing weight, you may notice an abundance...  read more

Skin Cancer Tips: How to Check for It

By Tracy Evans MD
March 15, 2017
Skin Cancer | San Francisco CA

Skin cancer is one of the leading forms of cancer in the United States. Affecting nearly 500,000 new patients each year, skin cancer is luckily easily treatable. However, just like with any form of cancer, the faster you detect it, the easier it is to treat and the higher your success rate is. To make...  read more