How to Prevent Against Skin Cancer This Summer

June 15, 2018

Skin Cancer Treatment San Francisco CAWhether you have big summer vacation plans or if you just plan to spend your free time soaking up the sun outside, there’s one thing that we want you to think about: protecting your skin. Although having tanned, sun-kissed skin can make you feel more confident, too much sun can lead to things like premature fine lines and wrinkles and even skin cancer. We have created a list of a few tips on how you can protect your skin against skin cancer this summer.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Whether you’re spending ten minutes or five hours outside, make sure that you are wearing a sunscreen every day. Sunscreen acts as your skin’s number one barrier against the sun’s damaging rays. If you’re spending more than about two hours outdoors, make sure that you reapply your sunscreen to ensure that you don't get burned.

Do Skin Checks

Although Dr. Tracy Evans can help spot cancerous growths or moles form a mile away, she’s not going to be with you every day. One of the best preventative measures you can take against skin cancer is to do frequent skin checks. To do a skin check, we recommend getting naked so that you can inspect your entire body. Then gently rub your hands across your skin to feel for any abnormalities or changes in your skin. What you are really looking for, though, are changes in the size, shape, or color of your moles and freckles. If you notice any dramatic changes, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tracy Evans.

Cover Up

If you have the type of family that spends as much time outdoors as possible during the summer, try to stay shielded when possible. For instance, try sitting in the shade when possible or sitting under an umbrella.

By following these three easy steps, you can help shield your skin and hopefully catch early signs of skin cancer as well. To learn more about skin care and skin cancer prevention, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tracy Evans at our San Francisco or Corte Madera office today and call: 415.202.1540.


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