3 Skin Care Tips Every Teenager Should Follow

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January 15, 2018

Teen Acne Treatment San Francisco CAThe perfect skin doesn’t just happen overnight— especially when you’re a teenager. And although most people associate the term, “skin care” with middle-aged women, skin care should start when you’re young. If you have a teenager or are a teenager yourself, we have created a brief list of three skin care tips that will save your skin.

Treat Your Acne

It’s normal for teenagers to get a few pimples here and there but if it feels like acne is taking over your life— and your face— make sure to be professionally treated by Dr. Tracy Evans. Teenage acne is primarily caused by a surge of hormones which can easily be treated with some medication or new skin care products. During your initial consultation with Dr. Tracy Evans, she will not only evaluate your skin, but she will also help find the perfect treatment solution.

Wash Your Face

When you’re a kid, you can get away with washing your face with the bubbles in the bathtub, but as soon as you hit puberty, it’s time to face the facts and the soap. By properly cleansing your face both morning and night, you can help to fight harmful germs, bacteria, and oil that can lead to some major breakouts.

Don’t Pick

There are two types of people: those who pick and those who don’t. If you are the type of person who picks their pimples, kick that bad habit to the curb today. Picking pimples can break the skin open, cause scarring, and can even spread bacteria— which in some instances, is permanent. Try to leave your pimples alone and let them clear up either on their own or with the help of acne cream.

Teenage skin care is a component of the skincare industry that’s often overlooked. However, it’s just as important. To learn more about teenage skin care, schedule an appointment at one of our offices today!


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