Witchy Witch: Understanding Warts

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June 15, 2017

Warts on kids San Francisco CA | Corte Madera

Unless your child is playing The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, the last thing they may like is getting a wart. Warts are caused by a virus called HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus. More prevalent in children than in adults, warts can be not only a nuisance but painful as well. If your little one has warts, here are a few things to know about them. Read on to learn more.

How Can Kids Get Warts?

As previously mentioned, warts are caused by the HPV virus. But how can your kids get HPV? Through things like open sores on the hands or hangnails. The more open skin your child has, the more susceptible they will be to getting this virus. If your child has sores on their hands, try to keep them covered with a Bandaid so that the virus has a harder time entering their body.

How Can You Prevent Them From Getting Warts?

The best way to keep your kid from getting warts is to make sure they are washing their hands on a regular basis. Make sure your child gets in the habit of washing their hands before every snack, meal, and even before bed at night— the cleaner their hands are, the less likely they are to get bacteria in them. Additionally, tell your child to be careful of touching other kids warts.

How Can They Be Treated?

Luckily, warts are easily treated both over-the-counter and by Dr. Tracy Evans. Treatment solutions for warts include:

  • Over-the-Counter Gel: One of the first things you can use to get rid of your warts is an over-the-counter liquid gel mediation. By gently painting this mediation over your warts, it will hopefully get rid of the bacteria and kill the wart.
  • Over-the-Counter Bandaids: Another easy method that’s popular amongst parents are over-the-counter bandages that have medication in them. By putting the band-aid on top of their wart, the medication will penetrate into their skin and help to kill it off.
  • Cryotherapy: This is an in-office treatment that is used to “freeze” off your warts. Containing liquid nitrogen, cryotherapy will kill off the bacteria and your wart once and for all. If your wart is particularly deep, you may have to get more than one treatment done.
  • Surgery: If your wart keeps on coming back, then Dr. Tracy Evans may recommend that you get surgery. During surgery, your wart will be surgically scraped off and removed; then it will be stitched up.

If your little one has warts, you’ll want to get them taken care of so that they are more comfortable. To learn more about wart removal or to schedule an appointment with our office, contact Dr. Tracy Evans today!


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